Buzios, Saint Tropez of Rio
Buzios, Saint Tropez of Rio

Buzios, the saint tropez of Rio de Janeiro

They say it was Brigitte Bardot whom made Buzios big. She had spent multiple summers in this beautiful place full of bays and beaches. No big buildings here, only big villas, lovely bed&breakfast (pousadas) and resorts. Buzios is one of those places where the rich and the beautiful come together. But besides it being known for a place where the rich gather, it is also a marvelous spot about 2h drive from the Rio center.

I had the luxery of being invited to one of the many vacation house in Buzios. As soon as we arrived we changed the Suv for a buggy. Here everyone drives their buggies. Not only because it is cool and awesome, but also because they come in really handy to ride the awfully maintained roads that connect the different bays with each other.

My advice if you go to Buzios, take a bus from Rio and up on arrival rent a buggy. Literally everyone there drives them and they’re sometimes the only way to get to some nice places.

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Buzios is all about relaxing, sun and being seen. Because of its many bays you’ll find plenty of beaches there. No idea where to go ? Here are some tips to get to your preferred beach.

What beach to visit in Buzios

We made 4 main categories for you, so you can choose which beach will suit you best.

Family Beach

You’ll find plenty of beaches idealy for families. They’re easily accisable and the water is calm and warm. The sand at the beaches if fine and the water not to deep. Ideally for kids playing around while you can have a chill moment to relax and sip on a caipirinha. Here are the best beaches for families: Praia de Joao Fernandes, Praia do Forno, Praia de Joao Fernandinho, or Praia da Tartaruga.

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Surf and kite

For those seeking some more thrills, there are some beaches providing excellent surf and kite conditions. Go to  Manguinhos, Praia dos Tucuns or Praia de Geriba if you want to get some water action. Most of these places provices schools or rentals for those who can’t bring their own gear or just want to have a try.

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Remote beaches

Want to have some more privacy and get away from the mass ? Buzios has some beaches that are perfect for you. Some of the beaches even have pink sand ! At some point you might even have one of these beaches all by yourself: Praia da Foca, Praia da Azedinha, Praia dos Amores and Praia das Virgens.

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Nude beach

Praia Olho de Boi is the only nude beach in Buzios , it is one of the smaller beaches located on the eastern shore of the Buzios peninsula. This beach is quite remote and you’ll need a decent 20 min walk to get there.The trip begins at Praia Brava beach, where at the right end of the beach you’ll find a trail that will take you up and over the hill. Bring good walking shoes, upon arrival you can get rid of all your clothes !

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