Fortaleza and 3 beaches Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada
Fortaleza and 3 beaches Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada

Fortaleza and 3 beaches Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada

After 2 weeks of Rio i managed to book a cheap inland flight to Fortaleza. The goal is to spent at least a week in the nearby Jericoaroara, but more about that magical place in another blogpost.

On arrival in Fortaleza you’ll immediately notice a different vibe then the one you’ll find in Rio. It’s more relaxed here. Less pumping. One thing didn’t change though. The people just remain so friendly. It must be a Brazilian thing. Even with my very few words of Portuguese, I still find myself very comfortable among the Brazilians. Such warm and loving people.

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I booked a hostel near the beach, and ended up only spending 4 nights in Fortaleza, but you could easily spent a few more. As the region of Ceará, with Fortaleza as its capital, contains many gorgeous beaches, I would recommend to get do a few tours around Fortaleza. I booked the 3 beaches in one day tour (3 praias em 1 dia). A company called Ocean views (speaks only Portuguese, but will try their very best to help and assist you in English) came to pick me up at 7am in a well maintained bus with airco to see three “nearby” beaches in one day: Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes & Canoa Quebrada.

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Morro Branco

Was it wort it ? Yes and no. If you have been travelling around you’ll have definitely seen more beautiful beaches then the ones you’ll visit. Also the tour is quite touristy and you’ll spent at least a few hours on the bus. On the other hand, they are nice beaches and certainly Morro Branco is worth the view. With its red sandstones it provides a nice contrast with the yellow sand and the blue sky. Basically it is like a small grand canyon on the beach. Together with a guide and your group you’ll walk through the “canyon” to arrive at the beach. Make sure to book the optional sand buggy tour. This will take you to a, for Brazilians famous, cave on the far end of the beach. It’s all very nice, yet the tour itself is a bit touristy as you’ll never be alone at any moment. But to go see these beaches by yourself ? I would only recommend that if you are travelling along the coastline coming from Recife. Then you could easily make a stopover here! And if you go early you’ll have these sights all by yourself.

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Inline skates

Once back in Fortaleza I would strongly recommend to walk along the amazing shore of Fortaleza and its beautiful beach. There are some piers going far in to the ocean, providing you with some really nice views over the city shore line. If you are a bit sporty, I would recommend you to get some inline skates. You can hire them at the very left side of the beach promenade. You’ll quickly notice inline skating and skateboarding is the way for the cool kids to move around town (beach side). Don’t hesitate to try it, there are coaches if you need some extra assistance and the promenade is perfect for rolling around.









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