4 reasons to go to Jericoacoara
4 reasons to go to Jericoacoara


Oh Jericoacoara (say Jeri-kwa-kwa-rah, or Jeri in short) you lovely little village in the North East of Brazil. This little village is a must visit for all of you that like to escape the big cities and concrete jungles. The village has not one asphalted road and it is only accessible by 4 wheel drives or the local sand buggies. It’s about 4 hours away from Fortaleza, and as soon as you’ll arrive you’ll think you have reached the end of the world.

Jeri is the spot in Brazil for those who like beach sunsets and love watersports like kitesurf, windsurf and surf. But please stay away if you don’t like the feel of sand between your toes and the weepie rhythm of Forró, the local music style.


But let’s get practical here. If you’re planning on visiting this sandy village, fly in at Fortaleza and book a bus or private 4 wheel drive in to the town. Don’t forget your flip flops, swimsuit and sunglasses, but leave any stress and all perception of time behind. Jericoacoara has tons of little pousadas (hostels) and fancy beach hotels. You do might want to book something upfront in the high season (august-jan) just to make sure. I stayed at this lovely hostel called “Villa Chic”.

4 reasons to go to Jericoacoara

Learn how to surf and kite

Jericoacoara is famous for its nearly constant winds, making it an ideal spot for kite- and windsurf. But it provides some nice waves for surfing too. In fact this is one of the best spots I have encountered to learn how to surf, as the waves are not very big, but very consistent and with lots of time between them. But after all Jeri holds it fame as THE kitesurf spot of Brazil.


Sandunes and sunsets

Nearly every evening you’ll see a pilgrimage of people heading for the top of the nearby sand dune to witness the Jeri sunset from an exclusive point of view. Now I would definitely recommend you to join in at this amazing spontaneous group event, but if you feel like having a more intimate sunset, go for the beach end at the right side of Jericoacoara’s main beach. You’ll have a perfect view of the sunset while in the gold glimmering reflection of the ocean, surfers will catch the last waves of the day. A view not to be missed.



No samba beats here, the local sound is all about Forro. A nice weepie rhythm  of percussion and guitars. Make sure to join in on some Forro nights while in Jeri, there will be at least one each every night! A live music band will make the locals and tourist blend into a swirling fest of dancing and caipirinhas. Choose a partner, get on the dancefloor and dance. Do it, it is amazing and definitely one of Jericoacoara’s highlights. Not much of a dancer ? Just ask someone to introduce you to the basic steps. People here love it if you give it a try and will be pleased to help you with your first steps. Ask around to find out where todays parties take place.


Buggy tours and Paradise lagoons

While in Jericoacoara go for at least one buggy tour. Basically there are two tours, one up and one down the coast. Both will take you down the dunes for some amazing views and will and up in a lagoon where you can relax in amazing hammocks in the water. Make sure to get a picture here, not just to capture this magical moment for yourself, but also to send it to friends telling them what a hard time you have.. ;)










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