Death Road in La Paz
Death Road in La Paz

The Death Road

The Death Road in La Paz is actually called the Yungas Road, but it has not stolen its nickname.

The Death Road was one of the only roads that connected the North of Bolivia to La Paz. Since 2006 there has been an alternative route, which gives vehicles the option to avoid the most deadly part of the old Death Road. Before 2006 it was estimated that on average 200, up to 300, people got killed annually trying to pass the Yungas Road.



Why go down the Death Road

But then again, people die in car crashes or choke to death on a piece of BBQ meat every day, so my advice to you: DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ! Going down the Death Road was by far one of the better trips i took in South America. The thrill, the amazing views, the fact you'r driving down this legendary road! You will be full of regrets if you would skip this and full of joy when you reach the end of the road. Cause it will make you a Death Road survivor !

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booking your trip

So what about booking your Death Road trip. I can only give you this simple but very truthful advice: don't play with your safety when you go down the Death Road. You will find tons of tour operators that will take you down the road, but in fact only 2 or 3 tour operators are fully licensed to do so. They will provide you with decent bikes, and believe me, you do want your brakes to work :). Furthermore it is not just about the bikes, but as much about the way there and back. A decent bus and an experienced bus driver and crew are not to be looked over.

We took our tour at barracude biking. They provides us with good quality bikes, decent wind jackets (you'll need those), helmets and gloves. Their bus is in great condition and they only work with qualified bus drivers and English speaking guides. I checked a few tour operators and in my opinion they are ranked first in matter of price/quality. Check out there site: and contact them for any inquiry. They'll answer you fast and in good English! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would have any more questions on what to expect...
check out this video and photos.



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