Galapagos for Backpackers: 5 Must do
Galapagos for Backpackers: 5 Must do

5 things backpackers must do at the Galapagos

  • Tortuga bay

This heavenly white beach is an absolute beauty. It is on the main island of Santa Cruz. The beach has free acces, but you'll need to walk for about 30minutes to reach it. No cars, no bikes, just walking, that is all what's allowed as soon as you pass the tortuga bay check point. Because of that, the beach is unspoilled, no bars or restaurants, so bring enough water en some snacks. And for those who like to surf, make sure to bring your surfboard or to hire one at the main centre (ask around), the waves are pretty nice down here.

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  • Las Grietas

My personal favorite. Again totally free to visit and a wonderful place sculpted by nature. Las Grietas are a volcanic canyon of about 5 meters wide and 50 meters long. Half way the canyon there is perfect clear water perfect for a dive of the canyon or some snorkeling. This places does get crowdie during the day, so make sure to get there as soon as possible. We were there at 8 in the morning and had the whole place to ourselves for about an hour. Try to go even earlier and bring some breakfast, you will not regret it. Having this spot for your own, before the tourist roll in after their breakfast, is just amazing ! 

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  • Santa Fe

A visit to the island of Santa Fe is a typical day tour for people staying at the main island of Santa Cruz. But i would strongly recommend you to do it. When you ask for prices, make sure you have snorkels and wetsuits included! And make sure your wetsuit is good, cause the water is very cold and without one you can only stay up to one hour in the water. And believe me, you want to spent as much time in the water as possible! The boat tour will get you to some really nice beaches, but the absolute highlight is when you get the opportunity to swim with some sea lions. This was an absolute breathtaking experience. These cute bastards are like the golden retrievers of the ocean. The more curious you are about them, the more they'll come to you. Just make big swirls and turns to show them you like to play. Big chance you would want to adopt one after your trip! 

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  • Isla Isabella 

This is the largest island of the archipelago and to me the most beautiful as well. You'll have to take a boat taxi from the island of Santa Cruz to get there (make sure you grab a seat at the back of the boat!). Even just the arrival is magical. The place where you get of the boat is just picture perfect. Sea lions swimming and sleeping everywhere, perfect blue ocean, white sand, iguanas all over the place, .. just what you would expect from the Galapagos. 
The island offer plenty of free things to do, from hikes to white sand dream beaches. Make sure to visit the tortuga center where they bread the famous big tortoises! The walk up there is amazing and you'll even pass by a pond full of flamingos. Better bring that camera !

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  • Los Tuneles

This tour is offered only on the Isla Isabella and is an absolute must do! On this tour we saw penguins, turtles, sea lions, sea rays, sea horses and off course the Galapagos famous blue foot Booby. But all of that is not even the main attraction. This tour brings you to a unique pattern of volcanic tunnels formed by years of interaction between the sea and erupted lava streams. The water is so pure and the views are amazing. Don’t miss out on this unique spectacle. 

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