Go rafting in Tena
Go rafting in Tena

Tena, the best spot for rafting in Ecuador

On my way to Baños from Quito i stopped over in Tena. I had red this place is one of the best spots in Ecuador (and the whole of South America) for rafting. And off course i could not just let this go by witout a visit.

The little town of Tena itself has not much to offer. If you'r not here for the rafting or a jungle tour, you might as well just skip this place. But if you like rafting... don't miss out !

The first day i went for a level 3 rafting trip as there were no level 4 trips offered by any of the agencies. Sadly some older and fatter people had the same plan... now i dont mind the elder and the little bigger people among us, but these people were not suited for rafting. So i knew this would be my biggest adventure ever. But the scenery, just rafting trough the amazone, mad up for that. Luckily, when we got back, the agency said there would be a level 4 the next day. Hooray!

GOPR1478 Large


So the next day, we were just 4 people. All young and sporty and looking for some action. The German guy from the level 3 rafting, a cool sporty Canadian couple (i just keep meeting cool Canadians) and me, oh and the awesome guide. A local professional kayak-er with an amazing knowledge of the rivers and wildlife, listenign to the nickname Tuti. If you ever are in Tena, ask around for him. He is a legend and definitely gave our experience that little extra to take it from good to perfect.



level IV rafting

The river was wild, but we loved it! At a certain point i even got swapped out of the raft.  Nothing i could do. The power of the water just overpowered me! Luckily we got that on th GoPro ! Watch it here and see for yourself !!


level V 

Later on there was a rapid (a fast and wild part in the river) where we couldn't pas. At least that was the decision by our guide. And we could understand him. Damn, the power that rapid had. He told us this was a least a level five, and would have been way to dangerous for us. (I would have gone for it, but then again that is why there are guides :) ).


So we couldn't pas the river... so we had to do a little hike and rappel through the dense amazon forest. Not a bad experience either :)


This day was definitely my best so far in Ecuador ! Awesome thrills, good company and an amazing scenery. make sure you check the photos !









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