Baños, the extreme sports centre of Ecuador
Baños, the extreme sports centre of Ecuador

Banos and extreme sports

Baños is a bit Ecuadors Queenstown (from New Zealand).
You ll never be alone here and there is plenty of stuff to do. The place is known for its thermal baths, being heated by the near by volcanos. But due to the growing amount of travelers, it has become the place to be for outoor (extreme) sports like puenting (sort of bungee jump), zip lining,, canyoning, mountain biking, and so on !

Baños, little mountain city

Take a motorbike up to Casa del Arbol

If you ever come to visit this place, amake sure you go up to Casa Del Arbol. I hired a motorbike to get up the steep hlls, but you can always take the bus (like the others do) or go by mountainbike (for the very brave). It's really easy to get there. Leave the town center to the big road and go right. Go down for about 5 minutes and you 'll see a sign telling you to go up the mountain. Keep going up till you hit the Casa del Arbol sign. Yup, that simple.

Once up there, entry costs 1$, you ll not only get a nice grass field on top of the mountain with an amazing view, but also the opportunity to go on an amazing swing! This swing is a must do. Besides a good photo, it will gave you an amazing look over the mountains and the idea of swinging into the air !!

casa del arbol

Besides the Casa Del Arbol, there is also the Vuelo Del Concorde swing. You pay 5$ for this one, but it will provide you with an amazing adreneline rush as the 60m tall swing will swing you way out there over the mountains valley. great kick, but in the end i did prefer Casa Del Arbol for its amazing scenery !

vuelo del concorde

Canyoning in Baños

Besides swinging around, i also booked a Canyoning tour. It was really nice, but because of the large group, we had to wait a lot which took the flow out of the activity. For me the rafting in Tena was far better. More action and better buck for your dollar.

canyoning in Baños

Best thing to do in Baños

But one of the best things to do in Baños is the "rutas de las cascadas". A nice, mainly downhill mountain-bike tour that brings you past various beautiful waterfalls. You can rent a well maintained mountain-bike for just 5$ for the whole day. On the way down you'll also find various spots where you can enjoy a nice zipline over the canyon. But make sure to go all the way to the end (ask a map!). The best hike and place for a dive is the last and probably the least visited waterfall. Don't tell the others!











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