Montanita, surf and party
Montanita, surf and party

Why go to Montanita

Montanita, the vibrating party & surf town of Ecuador. Well known throughout South America. This little village has everything to be considered a true surfers walhala. The beach and point break provides the town of waves throughout the whole year (But apparently the waves are at its best from decembre till may, with a well know surferscontest in February) There are awesome bars and restaurants (little street and big commercial ones) that provide the streets of Montanita with a continuous sweep of chill music. Bob Marley all the way over here. No worries, cause every little thing (in Montanita) is gone be allright.

I arrived here together with R.J., a Canadian I met back in Canoa. He told me he would leave for Montanita and I planned on going there as wel, so I just joined in an we took off. 3 Busses and about 6 hours later, we arrived at our destination. In our search for an hostal, we meet 2 other Canadians. Jordan and Sam are from Quebec, and therefore speak French. But hey, I ll tell you, that Canadian French is something different then what we are used to back in Belgium. So, there we were, 4 guys in the surfers town of Montanita.

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The waves were far from perfect when I was here. A big swell was about to come up this weekend, but I have to be in Guayaquil for the start of the pageant, by th 4th of octobre. I’m currently writing this post on the bus to Guayaquil.montanita (45)

Montanita Magic

But the magic of Montanita is far more then just surf. Our hostal, the Casa Blanca, was right in the center, on a street called the “cocktail street”. In this street you ll find all these little wooden cocktail stands. At night this street will fill up with tourists and locals. What makes this town so nice is that the locals truly welcome everybody. You often get it that locals will see you as a walking ATM, but here they see you as one of them. No matter if you're here to surf, to party or both, just get laid back and mingle with the locals.

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On Wednesday we had an amazing night out. At the Cana grill, a half open bar with live music, a sand floor and some of the local dogs walking (or sleeping) between the dancing crowd. Again, a nice chill vibe where locals and backpackers blend in. People dancing bare foot to the beats of a DJ later on, 0,75liter bottle beers for cheap prices and all night access to whatever snack you like on the many street food wagons. The day after nearly every person we talked to said it had been a good night last night. I couldn’t disagree!

born to surf, forced to work

Don't go to the beach at night

Yet, not everything in Montanita is glitter and rainbows. The two French Canadians both had there (un)lucky moments. Jordan got robbed while he had a very personal “talk” with a girl on the beach. Luckely he saw his clothes moving whilest he was…. talking. He got up and got in to an argument with the robber who had his wallet in his hands. Somehow Jordan managed to get the robbers wallet! (Yes, this start to sound like a bad jacky Chang movie) So, long story short: Jordan got his wallet back, did had to buy a new T-shirt, but managed to get home safe… after finishing his conversation with his girl. J

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The next day, Sam got his share of the trouble. He got attacked by three guys wanting to steal the purse of the girl he was with. They were sitting on the stairs on the beach, and as stated in my Lonely planet, the beaches aren’t safe at night. Not here, not anywhere in Ecuador. Well, again, long story short, he managed to get the three bastards of his back and brought the girl, totally shucked up, safe to her room.

So far, I have only had that one little accident back in Guayaquil, but besides that, I haven’t got any trouble yet. Must be good Karma. Well, talking about good Karma. I was planning on visiting the Galapagos island together with Chavelli after the pageant. But because of the high prices I didn’t book anything yet. I thought, well, you never know I get to know someone who knows someone that knows someone on the Galapagos and get me a nice deal. Guess what.. I met this nice girl here in Montanita, while we were having some drinks in la cocktalitas (the cocktails street). Apparently her mom owns 2 hotels on the Galapagos and her sisters is in charge of some cruises on the island. Yup, Mister Belgium, aka the Coca Cola Light man, got his charms working and I she invited me over for a free stay in the hotel. She ll check if she can arrange a good deal on one of the cruise too. Seems like karma is still on my side.

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Oh, and just to end with: Stromae, is big. Really big, while I have been here, I already heard three different songs from him here on the radio. Oh, and off course the French Canadians were big fans of him!









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