24h travel from Brussels to Ecuador
24h travel from Brussels to Ecuador

leaving for a long trip

5.30 am.
The alarm clocks sounds. It’s time. No need for a hit on the snooze button. I am fully awake. It is happening. I am going to travel. Again.

Although this time things are a bit different. I gave up my job, left my apartment and had to kiss my girlfriend goodbye. Last night was perfect. Some good friends, Belgian fries and Belgian beers. The perfect goodbye. Yet I feel a bit insecure. Should I really go ?I mean, why not stay, get set for a professional career and buy a house, like my friends. Well, I tried. After 3 years of working, the urge to spread my wings overcame the fear of not adjusting to societies standards. I’m 28, I got to do this now, or I will get sucked into the system, grow old and look back in regrets on what could have been.

Just like my first travel experience, when the destination was set for Australia, I have got myself a one way ticket and … a permit to represent Belgium at another international pageant. The pageant thing was not really planned, but when I got the opportunity to go to Ecuador and get in the mister Real Universe pageant, it didn’t took me a long time to say yes. Initially, Ecuador was not even scheduled to visit, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Not only will I be exploring a part of Ecuador while staying in nice 5star resorts during 2 weeks, I will also  get to know a bunch of South Americans from various countries in a real short period. This will come in quiet handy when I will be traveling around in South America in the next few months. Image I get along well with mister Brazil and I could get a free stay at his place during the famous Brazilian carnival. Not a bad thought hey ?

It is now 00.45 am Belgian time. I am currently on my third plane of the day going from San Juan in Puerto Rico to Panama City. In Panama I will take my last flight to Guayaquil in Ecuador. By the time I will land there it will have spent more than 24hours on airplanes and in airports. So far everything has been going real smooth. My 9hour flight from Frankfurt to San Juan was quiet comfortable as the plane was not full and I had 3 seat all by myself. It gave me the opportunity to take some good naps. The plane to panama is a lot smaller, but again, I have no one sitting next to me. Karma has been good for me so far. Let’s hope she will be as kind for my luggage as well.

Yes. A little jump of joy when I see my luggage rolling in exit hall of the Guayaquil airport. It is almost 11pm local time. I got my self a cab and rushed to my hotel. Good thing they have a 24h reception. Once arrived, the hotel looks exactly as on the photos on the internet. Nothing fancy, but the bed are good, there is a small pool and they even have an old school all in one gym station.

Tomorrow the travel adventure starts..










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