Float on the Dead Sea
how the Dead Sea revived me :) how the Dead Sea revived me :)

why visit the dead sea 

If you ever happen to be in Israel you should definitely bring a visit to the dead sea. When you ask the locals about the dead sea, you won’t find many enthusiast. This is because for most of the Israeli, a visit to the dead sea was one of those obligated school or family trips when they were young. Most of them just remember the stinging of the salt on their skin and eyes, while in fact the dead sea was one of the most spectacular experiences I have ever had. Okay, yes, the salt does sting and you should be aware of getting any of the dead sea water in your mouth, cause it is truly even worse than Dutch beer. But floating on water just like that… awesome.

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facts about the dead sea

The Dead Sea is in fact a salt lake and not a sea.. The dead sea forms a natural border between Jordan, Palestina and Israel. Beside the salt of the dead sea, the cool point about heading out there is that the dead seas surface and shores are more then 429 meters below sea level, making it the earths most lowest point on land (the highest lake in the world is Lake Titicaca). So basically that is a close to hell as it gets while were still alive. Now off course the dead sea is most known for its saltines. And although it is not the most salty lake on earth, with up to 34% of the water being salt, or about 9 times more salty as the ocean, it does the trick for a nice floating session. 

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How to get to the dead sea from Tel Aviv

Now although there are many touristic busses or tours that will get you to the dead sea, we rented a car and combined our visit to the dead sea with a stop in Jerusalem. From Tel Aviv it will take you about 2,5 hours to get there. Once we arrived at the dead sea we found out that most of the dead sea shores are actually privately owned “resorts”. Everything is set for a whole day stay: bar, swimming pools, restaurants, sundecks, .. . but don’t forget your money as you will have to pay for entering these resorts. You could consider to move away from these resorts and find yourself a public entrance to the dead sea, but this is not highly recommended as you will not have access to a fresh water shower after your splash in the salty sea. And believe me, with average temperatures around 40°, you absolutely want to go for a nice fresh water shower to get that greasy stinging salt of your skin. Besides, most of you will want to get yourself covered in the legendary dead sea mud. Rumor has it that is has healing powers, and that it does an amazing job for your skin. I highly recommend you to give it a try, it is totally free, while back home you might pay hundreds of euros to gMyet yourself treated with this mystical mud.

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My recommendation: If you stay in Tel Aviv for more than 4 days, you should get your ass covered in dead sea mud and read a newspaper while floating on water. It was a mind blowing experience.









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