Catch your own fish and eat it

I never thought about if before, but when i did it, it made so much sence. These days we all go in to the supermarket and buy whatever we want. Milk, fruits, meat or fish. All there. But what if you want to hunt your own meal ? I can tell you, it is a true thrill to catch/hunt an animal down to eat it yourself afterwards. Don't get me wrong here, i do not support the hunting of endangered animals and hunt for fun.
We went for a spearfishing session in the clear waters of the Carribean sea in CuraƧao. People need to know that spearfishing is the most sustainable way of fishery! Everything hunted and killed, will be eaten. Fair deal no ?
And hunting down a fish, catching it, preparing it yourself and then enjoying that super fresh fish on your plate... amazing!

Why feel your primal hunting instinct
Where every sustainable fishing area
When morning or evening
Who always bring a buddy
Catch your own fish and eat it

To Consider

  • know what you hunt. Don't kill anythin endangered or fish you won't eat.
  • a buddy. Don't go spearfishing alone.
  • try to prepare the meal yourself. This way you will get much more respect for nature when you will process your food from animal till the nice fish fillet on your plate.

To Avoid

  • hunting for social status. Just don't. Don't be that asshole...
  • don't kill baby fish or small animals.
  • becoming the prey.. don't get eaten yourself...





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